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can you give me some advice? Please! i have psoriasis for almost 2 months. i wanna know if it is possible that the rain drop like scars would fade if i will use medications?

cause some of my co workers saw some scars on my elbows and thinking that it is chicken pox, i didn't say that i have psoriasis, cause they might get scared to be beside me even if its not harmful. now im taking medications for 2 days now hope it could fade , i know it wont fade forever but i hope it would lessen the scars that i have in my skin. 

Can you give me some advice please! to boost my self and for me not to be alone, i know you guys understand me and i understand you guys of course. happy to see this site and feel that people have psoriasis have faith that someday we can sure this desease and we can fight it all.  

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some one give me some advice? thank you psoriasis cure now community!
thank you, i'm really emotional right now, i really appreciate what you have advice to me, i really really appreciate it. so happy that we (people who has psoriasis) help each other and boost ourselves and give advices, cause we know that we (person diagnose with psoriasis) will understand each other. thank you very much brother! thank you very much for the advice and boosting me to keep my chin up! thank you!
thank you ^_^
yes thank you very much! can i ask what kind of psoriasis do you have? and where it shows up?
i have many rain drops on my legs and some in the elbows and hands
any on my legs, some on my elbows , stomach and back and scalp, so what did you do ? do the sun light helps cure P?
for you, what is more effective? oral medication , or external medications like cream and oinments?
so you mean getting a diet helps? can you advice me what kind of diet are you doing , and what you are eating and , not eating nor you avoid to eat. thank you!
When my spots clear, there are no scars left, but only when the spot is completely cleared.

And my advice to you would be to educate the people you work with. I know that isn't easy. I've been there. I wait tables and it's really hard to explain to people that you are handling their food and you have a skin condition, but the more I talked about it the more comfortable everyone was, including myself. Everyone knows now and when I'm at work I forget I have psoriasis. Knowledge is power.
i understand you caroline, cause im working in food industry too, krispy kreme, and sometimes im the cashier and its hard to give change to our guest, cause everytime i give change, their looking on my hands with marks , and their staring at it. its hard but i just smile after ^_^, thanks for the advice, your spots are cleared? for how many months? and what are your medications? thanks!
its not obvious that you love typing , just kidding ^_^

I really appreciated advices you gave to me, really really appreciated it ^_^
I will do the same thing your doing, i will follow advised you gave to me for I can have the same skin as you are and as we had before . really thankful to share and chat with you about P . I learned many things about you! many things, I'm thankful that your giving me advices and hope its not the last advice that you will give to me. thank you thank you very much, really appreciated it. thank you
I am currently using Enbrel shots, twice a week and a few topicals that I rotate (Vetical, Luxiq, Clobex). I would also like to add I am uninsured. I get Enbrel for free from Amgen's Enliven program. Most of the topicals I use are quite expensive so I use samples and voucher from my doctor and pay for the cheap stuff myself.

I have tried diets, but nothing really seems to show significant results. And I refuse to give up beer. Personally, I like to have a drink and I'm not going to quit drinking from time to time, because of my disease. lol I'm stubborn, if you can't tell.

I am about 95% percent clear. I've had one flare (when I was sick) since I started Enbrel in March, but so far so good. No real side effects to mention, other than slight fatigue. I have no skin irritation, no itching, no scaling or bleeding. I have to remind myself I have Psoriasis these days. I also tan 2 to 3 times a week in a tanning bed and that helps tons and I try to work out frequently and eat as healthly as I can, but I don't get too strict on myself.

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