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can you give me some advice? Please! i have psoriasis for almost 2 months. i wanna know if it is possible that the rain drop like scars would fade if i will use medications?

cause some of my co workers saw some scars on my elbows and thinking that it is chicken pox, i didn't say that i have psoriasis, cause they might get scared to be beside me even if its not harmful. now im taking medications for 2 days now hope it could fade , i know it wont fade forever but i hope it would lessen the scars that i have in my skin. 

Can you give me some advice please! to boost my self and for me not to be alone, i know you guys understand me and i understand you guys of course. happy to see this site and feel that people have psoriasis have faith that someday we can sure this desease and we can fight it all.  

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thanx kumar for the advice, really appreciated that you shared your experience ^_^

hi wasim,

so whats good in dubai for psoriatics. is it the heat, the humidity or the sweating which detoxifies  the body? but then isnt the weather in dubai seasonal? do you feel the same even around the months of jan/feb when the humidity and temps are not so high????

Wasim Naqvi said:

Sunlight doesn't cure the condition...though I did meet one person overseas on holidays who did claim that result. But the sun definitely helps...I've met hundreds of psoriasis sufferers around the world esp in locations where skin sufferers are very common for example the dead sea in israel.....99% of them claim "great results" from sunbathing....but the problem is not every benefits for long periods when they return home. Some people's condition returns within weeks, where as other can enjoy up to 6 months or 1 year of any severe outbreaks. For me, since now I live in Dubai because of my condition with the addition of strong dieting and plenty of spring water intake, i enjoy good skin all-the-time.



but i thought you said sunlight doesnt have any curative effect? do you notice any changes when you are confined to air conditioned environment in dubai? for instance on a long drive in a car or in an office working long hours? i do. even when outside environment is very humid because aircons dry up the area in the process of cooling it. talking of humidity, isnt u.k also extremely humid? couldnt it be lack of sunshine and also lack of sweating which is in essence a detoxification process through the skin? i seem to agree with you on many points: diet with the exception of canned stuff, excessive intake of water, active lifestyle bereft of too much of stress, outdoor living, morning walks which i always do after fajr salaat. i only used topical creams like betamethasone, dovobet, diprasol and like initially when i didnt know of Ps incurability. i have since stopped all that and like you i only apply moisturizers after bath. do you know of any good moisturizer? i once used double base from u.k which was quite good but havent been ablle to source it regularly. i tried in dubai but the pharms dont seem to have it in their listing there. there is another formula that i have prepared from my local chemist. i dont know its composition but it has urea in it and this too is quite good but rather pricey for application on a wide area coverage. heard anything of 'night shade' foods? e.g tomatoes, strawberries, peppers etc?

Wasim Naqvi said:

Hello Abdul, salaam!


Abdul to be honest i think it's a mixed combination of heat, humidity and sweat with the addition of loads of water intake since u get very thirsty out here. Whenever i've been on a holiday to a hot country, i've always seen positive results so its very difficult to pin-point exactly what it is. I'm certain for me, any place with a decent environment, clean water and little atmospheric chemical/pollutants and loads of sunshine is definitely the right way to go about the skin condition...i;ve tried many natural alternatives but nothing beats the above.


Yes for a couple of months Dubai does kick in the cold breeze but with several months of sunshine and a thorough approach to detoxification the emission rate for me is very POSITIVE and hence the worse it gets for me personally during the winter season is little dryness, esp the lips....but thanks to patroleum based gels that too is under control and definitely bearable. 

ta wasim for sharing. i am not too sure about the sun but i remember reading somewhere that UV rays  help in healing.

but at least for the two of us we have now established that dryness is bad for psoriasis. try observing the effect of tomatoes and other acid forming foods. pepper, yes even with me its a trigger irrespective of its hotness. even paprika is a trigger, the only pepper that is harmless, infact good is black pepper. spicy foods and frys are not good either. havent tried brinjal but i am told its also trigger. hot baths and showers are also bad for me as they tend to dry up the skin even more.


i should try the liquid paraffin and white parrafin blend. where do you get it dubai? my main problem is dryness.


you talked of sunbathing at the dead sea resort. is it the sun that people are after or the salt. i am told that dead sea salt is about 8 times saltier than the usual. and it is very good for psoriatics. did you see people bury themselves there in the muddy salty shores of the sea?

Wasim Naqvi said:

Yes bro, the sun does not cure. But people do tend to benefit in the long run in keeping the beast at bay (though personally i still have floating scars and in other areas slightly rough ridged skin).


Air conditioning is a killer...though i'm not always in the office, usually on work sites or unfortunately at client/suppliers offices....and my work does require me to make those long car journeys but i tend to keep the AC off as long as i can. The usual effects are STIFF and DRY skin....the cinemas & shopping malls here have their AC's maxed out so i tend to be very cautious by through the trouble of using moisturizers before making way but usually i my skin here in this climate doesnt dry up at all....well not anymore.


Best Moisturizer for me is Liquid soft parrafin 50% mixed in White soft Parrafin 50%....only problem is its greasyyy...double base is great but my past experience is when ur really dried up...the moisture effect wears off i prefer the petroleum based formations. 


I don't have any personal defect experiences with tomatoes and strawberries but Mr Pepper is definitely something that causes my skin to be more irritable than usual....causes me to itch!

thank you brother wasim for sharing your experiences. i only read about the dead sea and psoriasis in the natgeo magazine. you could be right in that the air itself there has some healing properties. as regards the salt therefrom, i have seen it being sold in pharmacies, dunno really what for, may be for cosmetic reasons...

i have noticed some improvement in my condition when i stick to strict vegetarian diet and when i am under less stressful situations but very little change. i have heard about ayurvedic treatment and i intend in the near future to try  this.... but i dont really know which is the best place for psoriasis. i would like to hear from those in our midst who have tried this alternative method..

have you established any relationship between psoriasis flares and indigestion?? or of partial digestive breakdown of proteins and psoriatic eruptions??


Wasim Naqvi said:

Bro im registered with the NHS in England and hence I get all my moisturizers on prescription...usually my family collects the mixture and has it tranferred to me through friends or family who travel to dubai occasionally. I only use small amounts since my condition is highly improved and im not dependent on consistent use.


Bro i've been to Israel many times, at first most likely, you would opt for the local ein boken/ein gedi health clinics and run in a higher bill for check ups, programmed sunbathing and dead seaa bathing schedules and applications...I did all that and always kept 48 hour records of improvement. After meeting many other sufferers with the same condition, some who were regular visitors i learned through peoples experiences that it wasn't actually the dead sea itself which triggered the improvement pact but more over it was the climate in the region, clean atmosphere, certain elements in the air ( a mix of filtered UV's and sulphide from the sea) and on the most part it was because the dead sea resort is located at the deepest and lowest level beloew sea level in the world and hence you're less likely to get burnt from sunbathing.


After taking up peoples comments i put it to last 2 visits to the dead sea have both concentrated on the sun alone so i didnt even let my toes into the dead sea. I didn't use anythiing other than moisturizers and the results were consistent with the previous visits....hence i dont think the salty sulphate levels make a huge difference for p sufferers but it is possible since these sulphide levels are also consistent in the air they may be beneficial but not much research can be found in supporting the theories but in all honesty when ur there ur skin does improve so it really doesnt matter...


I dont know about burying yourself in the mud...but yeah ive seen countless people purchase the mud packs and they rub it all over their skin and sit in the sun for certain small time periods and than wash it off....apparently it supposed to help with beauty and hence women are very keen on this stuff....i tried this stuff everyday like a lunatic on one arm only for test purposes for a 2 week period...each sesssion allowing 30 mins under the sun and than washing it off....for me it made no difference at all to the condition but somehow I think i convinced myself it helped to make the skin a little smoother (but NOT REALLY lol). Bro in all honesty Ive met a lot of people out there with different experiences, different theories, different reasons for improvements, maybe our skin condition is unique to each to its own and hence its better to just get out there and experience what suits you best....the good news 15 years going there maybe once every 2 years I've NEVER met anyone who did not benefit from the visit...thoough the downside is the expense of the hotels and local services...kinda sucks!!



thanx wasim. i am told as we get older our digestion becomes poorer especially with proteins and some doctors suggest we take some digestive enzyme supplements like glutamic acid etc to enhance proper digestion. do you think this is necessary?

Wasim Naqvi said:

Yes i definitely believe our intake of food types and the processing system (digestion) has a considerable role in determining the outcome of our skin eruptions. This belief I would moreover consider to be a FACT rather than an opinion based on personal experiences. When i was in the UK....if i drank coke, or other fizzy drinks, ate dairy products (esp. cheese) or if i was a regular with fast foods...there was always a different surfacing feeling over the skin the following morning. At first i couldn't notice the difference but when consulted by various chinese herbal docs and homoepathy was informed to stay away from 'junk food' and rely more on natural diets...esp home cooked meals, either boiled, grilled or raw. As soon as I eventually got the diet to remain consistent, I saw amazing results...hence FACT!!!


Also i believe not eating so excessively at one time helps. Even the Prophet (saw) allegorically mentioned that one should divide the stomach in 3 portions when consuming third for breathing, 2nd third for liquid and the final third with food. So practically we shouldn't eat huge meals, and what we feed ourselves should be healthy....and even if it doesn't help ur skin....who cares, you'll have a healthier body, longer life, etc etc..


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