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How long do you bath to remove the scales?

I am largely covered with psoriasis from head to toe. I would bath in hot/warm water for about 1 hour-1 1/2 hours and rubbing constantly to get the scales off. first i would sit and soak and then start rubbing scales off gently and then i would rinse off with a warm shower to try to peal off the rest of the scales that i did'nt get. areas like the scalp , the lower legs and the middle back seems to be the hardes. Even as hard as i try i will still have scales left over that anyone can see especially the ones on my face and ears. After the whole bathing ordeal i would use ointment Triamcenalom to cover my body and later scrap off all of what i can. even after all that i am not completely scale free. Do you guys got any suggestions to make this chore less time consuming and more effective?......thanks Lewis

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Have you tried any of the salt scrubs you can get in the bath aisles at the health food stores? Seems to me that would be a gentle way to remove some scales and everybody says that salt baths can help with psoriasis. One thing that works to keep my scales down is Taclonex ointment (but it's an expensive prescription, so it depends on your health insurance) and Eucerine Plus lotion and cream. The Eucerine Plus has a mild exfolating acid in it and it's a really thick and greasy lotion which helps keep the plaques moistened and that seems to help cut down on scales.
I use epsom salt in my bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. Make sure the water is not hot just a little warm. Hot water drys the skin. After 20 - 30 minutes just rub the scales with you hand and they roll up and come off. Then get out pat dry and try to moisturize well. Vasaline of rainbath are good.
I saw this post and wondered about your dermatologist firstly never scape your scales as your skin is hyperactive and tries to repair itself too aggressively with P that is why you end up with the more scales about 6 times more than a normal person take a luke warm bath with sea salt and epsum salts and tan I use a tanning bed twice a week for about 8 minutes with a few creams I am living with it funny I went to Cuba the last 2 years everything disappeared my Doc would not give me a prescription for it.


first of all I am totally, totally, surprised to read a comment depicting an identical orredeal I too subject myself to:-) Ant that is really vary rare. mostly, people will tell you , you only aggrevate the condition, but that results, I believe, from their different skin-determined, needs and self-helping habits.

I just soften the woter with a simple shampoo or something and soak just like you, after which I use a coarse sponge to remove the scales. I just wish so much that psoriasis were like viltigo or something-reduced only to discoloratoion.

I hardy use any salts or such other things because they're pretyy expensive (i am chronicly jobless, as I the soaking tussle keeps me marooned to my towon, where there is little employment and what fal-mate could bear with me soaking so long?). once i am done with the soaking I lather my body copiouslu with body lotions, as the skin is extremely dehydrated and dessicated. but I gain the necesasary comfort and elementary ability of daily functioning  at the cost of soaking-induced dehyadration. everything, so it seems, has its price.

Guys, U need to remember that when someone soaks for 1-2 hrs, that is not because they relish the duration, but because it just takes them so long to get things done with their, highly individual , type of psoriaisis and how it , sort of, works in them. I would be totally unable to function on a daliy baseis, if i did not soak and thus helped myself. I just can't spend my ligfe in a dermatological ward, can I? so those things come at a cost. only 1/4 of the sufferers have moderate to severe cases, so some people's surprise at what others do is a small wonder. so despite that it dehydrates, the oredeal helps at a different level. all those steroid creams ruin your skin in the long run, but still they're prescribed and used.  mtx and other drugs destroy your vital,organs, but help with the condition sometimes. so that soaking procedure,so to say, is just a necessity and those going througbh it are not masochistic by far.

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