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How long have you suffered from psoriasis? I've been suffering with psoriasis for over 23 years and am hoping every single day we can find a cure!

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I've only had psoriasis for 4 years...I was 57 when it first showed up on my scalp. I had quit smoking 7 months before and then had my first public speaking engagement...I think it was the stress that brought it out. It just kept getting worse and finally when I was showing signs of psoriatic arthritis I decided to start on Humira. I am self employed with no insurance so I applied to Abbott for their patient assistance program and have taken 4 shots since Jan. 21 and am very pleased with the results so far.
I have suffered from psoriasis for over 15 years now. I have tried almost every treatment out there. I had a lot of success with Enbrel, but only use it short term because of the risks involved. I would love to be able to find a cure!! It is a day to day battle and a very big embarasement to me!!
Hi there! I'm only in university but have suffered from psoriasis beginning maybe 8 years ago on my elbows. Just this year it's spread to my knuckles and I also have it pretty severe on my scalp! The most frusterating part is how gast it seems to be spreading and I wonder how bad it will get.
I have had psoriasis for 42 years now, starting when I was 18 years old on my elbows, but thru the years each time I have a flare, it get worse and worse, with the last time I was about 70 % total coverage. I went on Methotrexate and now happy to report that I am almost 100% clear. I have a few side effects from the meds, but I feel so far it is worth the results. Been on it now since August of 08, next doctors appointment is in May. The meds have also helped a lot with the arthritis pain.
I have had psoriasis since 1991. I was 12 years old when I was first diagnosed.
I have been suffering for 20 years. I was 16 when it showed its ugly head. It has been extremely depressing for me over the years to be fighting this disease. I have learned to cope as much as possible with ointments, diet, and exercise. So glad to talk to others.
My psoriasis was dormant for most of my childhood. My parents divorce was the catalyst to my life long maintenance of my tortured skin and psyche. Its been over 16 years. The first ten years were full of topical creams, different variants of tar mixed concoctions and as of recently using biologics. Which is the scary twist of it all. For a bit of sanity and vanity, you too can kill yourself. Forgive my sarcasim!
I have had psoriasis since 2000.
Hi, I got pso since I'm 11., am now 24. It's the general psoriasis but i'm about 85% covered. I go since 12 years now every year to the dead sea and coming every year back completely clear, but it comes back. Although no other treatment helped me in the past (and I done almost all of them general medecine and alternatif) I started now enbrel almost 3 months and there's no difference yet. With the years I started to accept my pso and that's what brought me peace, it's all about acceptance!!
Pso sufferers can live a normal life and do what others do, we just have to put some cream on the way ;-)
25 Years. I was 10 when it first popped up on my elbow and knees. I've tried everything from methotrexate to UVB and enbrel. Now I'm trying to control it though my diet.
Hi ive had psoriasis for as long as i can remember , i have also tried all the creams light tretment Methotrexate cyclosporin and now acirtrin since september its helping and has cleared up alot .
I think I was born with it. I remember my mom putting ringworm medicine on me and telling me not to pick up stray cats before I was in Kindergaten. I know now that what she thought was ringworm was really psoriasis. I had small patches here and there that would come and go throughout the years and used Tegrin brand coal tar shampoo and ointment when it really bothered me. Mostly I just ignored the little spots. When I was 56 I was Diagnosed with acute myeloginous leukemia. I underwent powerful chemotherapy treatments for months. When the tratments were over with and I started to build my own red and white blood cells again, I went through what they call a "rebound flare up" My Oncologist told me the chemo would clear my psoriasis. He didn't tell me to expect a flare up that covered about 75% of my body! It got worse and worse. I joined National Psoriasis Foundation looking for answers and found myself in the middle of a war zone between the alternative treatment members and the Biologic supporters and the people who were just there for some one to connect with and listen to their rants. Enough got to be to much so I went away. For those of you who were there and might remember, I was "LottieBay". Anyway, I was able to get clear by doing light treatments in my Dermatologist office three days a week. We moved where I was too far from a derm to do that anymore, so I was able to get my own UVB light panel and I do treatments at home to keep my P under control now. I have one stubborn spot about three x five inches on the back of my right hand and wrist that I hit with clobetasol now and then and one little patch on my scalp that flares up now and then. That responds well to T-Gel Shampoo. Oh, and by the way. I have six years in remission from the leukemia now. I can deal with a little flare up of P now and then

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