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if you ever used either ENBREL or HUMIRA???????????? what is BETTER???

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I have used the enbrel cream and it did nothing for me. I am currently taking Humira and methotrexate. I have taken the Humira for almost 2.5 months and methotrexate for a month. I have pustular psoriasis and I have seen very little be honest none....the only time i did was when i was on a z pack and steriod orally but it came back just as bad. I take lorcet 10 for the pain but the dermatologist refuses to give me anymore so he is referring me to a pain clinic. But going back to the humira i take a blood test every 2 weeks to make sure everything is doing ok. I have had no side effects. I think everyone just responds to these medicines different as far as what is better. I wished i could tell you more.
thank u for the advice. but why do u have to take methotrexate w/ Humira?
The dermatologist said that the humira should have done more by that time and he said we will treat it aggressively. He was even thinking of going to humira once a week but he decided to give it a little more time to work.
I use Enbrel and I love it. I've been using it since March. It's really done wonders for me, though I can't really comment about Humira. I've never used it myself.
reg Enbrel r u having any side effect??? like anything from feeling sick, to acne breakouts, weigtht gain, to psoriasis flairs up??? everything and anything???
and how often do u have to do the shots?? and do u have any scars in the areas where u psoriasis patches used to b???
how long did it take u to c the results???
I have been using Enbrel since March. I have experienced hardly any side effects. The only thing I really notice is slight fatigue after my shots and that's about it. I got my shots through the Enliven program offered by Amgen as I don't have health insurance and my doctor works with me to get me the topicals he thinks best for me.

I take 2 shots a week. I have no scars in the areas where my P was. When the spots are completely clear, I never have scars.

It took me about 2 months to really see results, but let me tell you taking Enbrel was the best decision I've ever made. I am about 95% clear. I have flares when I get sick and that's it. I literally have no itching, stinging, or irritation.

If you have a doctor who is educated about Enbrel I would suggest it. Though I am not completely clear this is as close to normal as I have been in 3 years! I recommend this to everyone. I know some people don't have the same stories with Enbrel, and our bodies are different, but I really don't know where I would be without the medication. I was covered before this. Arms, legs, back, stomach, my entire scalp, I even have spots on my face. The itching was unbearable. Now, I have to remind myself I have Psoriasis.
well i am glad u r giving me some information in reg to how it is to b on shots and everything that comes w/ it. how do u administer the shots and what areas????

now my other question do u keep to a specific diet??? do u drink???
I have something to report. I have actually seen results since my last shot which was thursday and i took my methotrexate on friday. I have pustular psoriasis and could not even put on my shoes. I could only wear one pair for a limited amount of time. My feet have cleared up even though it is still new skin very thin. I am not sure if it will come back or not (i cannot help to doubt it will). I have no specific diet and I quit drinking and smoking. I have read excessive drinking will cause it to worsen. I was drinking rather heavily when my feet got real bad. I had lost my grandmother and my job (laid off)on the same day, and some mysterious reason my poor little cat go so sick had to put her to sleep (vet still doesn't know what she had...his partner practicing over 30 years had never seen a cat with all its symptoms) but a lot of other crappy stuff happened too. I was very depressed so probably a mixture of drinking and state of mind caused it to break out worse than it had ever been. My dermatologist never said anything about an enbrel shot but only gave me a cream b/c i read a lot of good things about it. I have especially not dared to drink with humira since he thinks it is serious enough to blood test me every two weeks to check my liver. I feel stupid now b/c I have been in serious pain so I complained enough the derm. is sending me to the pain clinic tomorrow but it doesn't got to get a referral to go there. I am just going to explain the medicine is working but when it comes back I need pain pills otherwise I cannot walk. It feels like walking on raw skin or several blisters on the bottom of your feet.
I'd say it is a tie. Humira might work a little better and Enbrel might work a little safer.
I was a little intimidated about giving myself a shot twice a week, but it's actually pretty easy. I do my shots in the tops of my legs. (I try the stomach, but I always had a lot of bruising so I stick with legs.) I switch legs with each injection. I have the sureclick injectors.. so I take my shot out of the frig, let it reach room temp, place it to my leg firmly and hit the button. That's it. It's not super painful or anything, maybe a little sting from time to time, but I find that comes from the shot not being completely room temp before administering it.

I don't keep a specific diet and I do drink. I've tried this diet and that diet and never found any of it to REALLY help. Don't get me wrong, I think it good for you, it just never gave me tons of results. On top of the fact, I refuse to give up my total quality of life. I'm 23, I refuse to do without a beer or cranberry vodak or 2 every now and then. Haha I do tan regularly and try to make it to the gym 3 times a week, but food wise.. I try to be healthy, but I don't do without. lol
Hi Laura! I read your post and I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I used to have horrible break outs on my right foot. What a terrible thing to endure. My thoughts are with you! I saw where you said you were taking pain pills. It may not be this way for you, but I stay very far away from any sort of strong pain pills.. I notice flares after taking pain pills. Do you experience that at all? Or notice worsening of symptoms when you are done with your pain pills?
@ Chuck what do u mean??? better vs safer??? do give some detailes???

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