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if you ever used either ENBREL or HUMIRA???????????? what is BETTER???

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By far Stelara rocks em all. The cost for this drug has actually gone down a lot my copay is the same as it was when I was on Embrel and Humaria. I have been taking Stelara for about 9 months now and when I started my body was covered almost 85 percent and I was in so much pain I couldnt even stand to have a blanket on. Now I am all but 5 percent clear. I have had no side effects and couldnt be happier! It is definatly worth trying out you will be surprised. Results where almost instant to
You are right about the cost of these drugs.. I was just lucky and had good insurance plus a savings card so i get my humira for $5.00 a month vs. $25k a year. I was just going to have to suffer otherwise

Hi I Started Enbrel and was on this for about a year, it was great to start with but then my P and PA started to deteriate, I then went on to Humira for about 2 years and that also worked for a while it was great but the best one I had so far was Stelara (2 injection every 12 weeks)I have been on this for 2 1/2 years and up till the last injection 12 weeks ago it was excellent no plaques or anything, unfortunately for some reason this has now stopped working and where normally the plaques disappear for about 8 weeks it didnt even last 2 weeks, we do not know why, luckily I have an excellent dermatology team that I have been seeing very regularly over the last 20 years (I am 44 and had psoriasis for 40 years) I have exhausted every type of lotion, potion, cream and injections, tablets even been to the Dead Sea, nothing has ever cured it.  I have also had pustular psoriasis twice in the last 5 years. I do like Stelara cos usually it works very well, but I am now going on to the methrotexate and the infusion treatement (Infliximab) to see if that works.

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