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Long time no chat!!

How are you doing??

I wanted to ask you about something............

As you know I have severe psoriasis......well recently I started taking a health shake and it aids in weight loss too!! yummy yummy


my skin is no longer producing huge piles of flakes, the itch stoped, no more scratching, and the spots are shrinking????? like wth??

what could be causing this to happen??? NOT complaining I love the shakes will stay on them for LIFE even after I drop more weight because they make me feel great and I have energy!

I already lost 13 pounds in a month and I stay full and satisfied and I am getting healthy. Sugar levels and cholestorl levels are GREAT because of the shakes.

I am just at a total lost why a health shake would have changed my skin this much....????

But I never expected my skin to start to heal so I am wondering what you think???

Let me know if you have any feed back on this because I am stumped and after 20 plus years of this battle and have tried everything on the market and now a health shake starts to dry up the psoriasis????

Hope all is well for you


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